Request Architectural Approval

There are two ways to fill out an exterior modification request form for projects that require approval process and make payment for application fee:

1) Submit request using the Arch Plan Review online modification form by clicking on this link.

2) Fill out the attached HOM request form (below), scan it and email it back to or then mail a check for the amount on the form that coordinates with your request OR mail the completed HOM form and appropriate fee amount. Checks should be made payable to "Architectural Plan Review" and their mailing address is 1118 N. 1st Street, Temple, TX. 76501.

Please note:  

  •  If you check more than one box on the form, that is equal to multiple improvements and requires a separate request form and fee. 
  •  We do not begin any reviews until payment is received via check or online. 
  • Once the request and payment are received, the request then goes into a queue and will be reviewed in the order that they are received. At that point, if we have all the required documentation, it can be reviewed for a final decision; otherwise, more information will be requested and your review will be put on hold. 

We have up to sixty (60) days after receipt of your application and all required information to make a decision. All responses are sent to the homeowner by email via the SmartWebs system.  

Note: Be sure to review the "Quick Reference Guide for Exterior Projects" provided below to determine what exterior modifications may be pre-approved and do not require the application process.